Oscar speech stats -- We break down words of thanks from Tommy Lee Jones and others

By Kate Meyers
Updated April 01, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Did every Oscar winner attend the Evelyn Wood School of Speaking Dynamics? Never have so many accepted the statuette so fast. Here’s how it adds up.

Number of political and social causes cited by Whoopi Goldberg in her six- minute opening monologue: 14

Number of times Tommy Lee Jones said ”uh” during his speech: 9

Shortest speech (from Jurassic Park’s visual- effects guys): 10.2 seconds

Longest speech (Tom Hanks): 2 minutes 57 seconds

Number of winners who thanked Steven Spielberg: 14

Number of winners who thanked director Billy Wilder: 1

Number of winners who thanked God: 0