Demi Moore and Barbara Hershey benefit from baby boom -- With Annette Bening and Mary McDonald expecting, roles are open for the actresses in ''Disclosure'' and ''The Last of the Dog Men''

By Anne Thompson
April 01, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

The Stork Club: Demi Moore cut right to the heart of Hollywood’s new baby boom recently when she told theater owners attending the annual ShoWest convention, ”I want to thank Annette Bening for getting pregnant, so I could get this role (in Disclosure).” Moore isn’t the only actress benefiting from Hollywood’s baby shower. Barbara Hershey will star opposite Tom Berenger in The Last of the Dog Men, since the original female lead, Mary McDonnell, bowed out because of her unexpected bundle of joy. Only Michelle Pfeiffer, pregnant by Picket Fences executive producer David Kelley, seems to have timed it just right. Her special delivery isn’t due until October, allowing her to film My Posse Don’t Do Homework between now and June and still make it to the delivery room on time.