By D.A. Ball
Updated April 01, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Karen and Richard Carpenter had more hits than any other male/female pop duo in history. And even though their records still sell, this hardly justifies Ray Coleman’s devoted assertions in The Carpenters: The Untold Story, An Authorized Biography that their ”contribution to popular music will stand forever.” Despite his having interviewed dozens of people, and having had the full cooperation of Richard, Coleman’s ”untold story” mostly plods, offering just a few interesting tidbits-such as Karen’s petty wars with Richard’s girlfriends, and Richard’s insistence on changing the lyrics of ”Superstar” from ”I can hardly wait to sleep with you again” to ”wait to be with you again.” But Coleman provides little insight into what made the duo tick or the sad fate of the girl with the beautiful voice. C