Baush & Lomb honor Jack Nicholson -- The eyewear manufacturer presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to the actor and a free pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses to all 1,200 guests

By Frank Spotnitz
Updated April 01, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

The Eyes Have It: Credit eyewear manufacturer Bausch & Lomb with scoring the product-placement coup of the year. When the American Film Institute presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Jack Nicholson last month, all 1,200 guests at the Beverly Hilton soiree found a free pair of the company’s Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses by their dinner plates. Shots of tout Hollywood, including the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, and Clint Eastwood, wearing the shades in tribute to Nicholson proved to be the best gag of the night. Bausch & Lomb’s cost for the priceless publicity: a bargain-basement $15,000. And the idea for the promotional bonanza came from the CBS broadcast’s producers, not Bausch & Lomb. The final irony: Jack’s famous lenses are prescription and are not, in fact, Ray-Bans.