Readers respond to our sleaze special, ''On Deadly Ground,'' Randy Shilts, and more

By EW Staff
Updated March 25, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Your article ”Scandal Inc.” ( 212, March 4) is unconscionable in its references to Nancy Kerrigan. To discount the severity of the assault on this athlete simply because she may receive more commercial endorsements is insulting. If Kerrigan earns more in commercial endorsements, it will be because of her determination to overcome her injury and to compete in the Olympics, not because she was ”kneecapped.” The article also implies that her Campbell’s Soup endorsements were part of ”miscellaneous cash-ins” resulting from the attack. As you know, the Campbell’s and Reebok ads were contracted for long before the attack. Do you honestly think that Kerrigan was thinking, ”Oh, goody, more money” after she was brutally attacked? EW owes her an apology.
Eloise Lennberg-Plett
Marlton, N.J. |

Leslie Abramson, Paul Erickson, Alan Dershowitz, the Buttafuocos their families must be so proud! Next time we find ourselves at a newsstand, a bookstore, or leafing through a TV schedule, we should gently remind ourselves that the only person to say ”no” to the tabloid-movie-of-the-week- ratings- grabbing-press-conference-tell-all-interviews was Heidi Fleiss. If she can abstain, so can we!
N.A. Nunn
Fredericksburg, Va.

Bravo to the designer of the March 4 cover of EW! The cover will be hanging on my wall. Please let me know when the T-shirt is available. Thank you for your wonderful article, too.
Marsha Brandsdorfer
New Orleans

Thanks for the article on Ralph Fiennes. Once again, the Brits have provided film audiences with an actor who possesses great skill as well as great magnetism. It’s too bad that Hollywood couldn’t have waited a while longer to sink its teeth into Interview With the Vampire. Here is Lestat incarnate — and an actor who can make people feel an emotion other than hate toward a killer, a quality that Tom Cruise sadly lacks. We can only hope that Wuthering Heights finds a distributor. I suppose if Far and Away did, anything is possible.
Stephanie Troisi
Winchester, Mass.

How could you allow a full page for an attack not so much on Steven Seagal’s On Deadly Ground, but on him personally? Using the terms ”witless” and ”thick, ponytailed head” is outrageous and biased. The film turned my attention to saving the environment more than any Greenpeace organization. Seagal is the most positive role model there is.
Amin Matalqa
Gahanna, Ohio

Thank you for remembering Randy Shilts. He made his mark — an indelible one — as a reporter and person who cared that people were dying all around us. For that he will always be remembered.
Laura Snider
La Crescenta, Calif.

Correction: An item in the Movies section misidentified the independent film Student Body as Student Bodies. The latter is an unrelated horror parody.