By Alanna Nash
Updated March 25, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Hey, pardners, listen up. This Michele Morris ain’t just some Annie Oakley wannabe. She’s a fourth-generation Montanan who tended dogies on her family’s cattle ranch. So don’t think this here book of hers is just some quick-draw nostalgia trip to remind you of watchin’ Roy and Dale. It’s a primer on how to cowboy, and if you’re one of them city slickers who couldn’t find a calf if it showed up in yer bed, this is for you. It’ll tell you everything from how to rope and brand and castrate to how to choose a saddle. And you’ll learn other fun things, like how to make Son-of-a-Bitch Stew, and why real cowboys wear Wranglers, not Levis. Plus you’ll meet folks like black bulldogger Bill Pickett, who got mad at a steer and bit it in the lip until it went down, and Dixie Reger Mosley, a cowgirl Evel Knievel who jumped cars on her palomino. The illustrations — lots of sepia- toned photos and detailed line drawings — won’t exactly pop the pearl snaps off yer shirt. But there’s enough wit and wisdom in The Cowboy Life to keep you happy. Just remember: Don’t drive black cattle in the dark. B