Celebs get political -- A look at which political party stars throw their weight (and their cash) behind, from Clint Eastwood to Madonna

By Jeff Gordinier
Updated March 25, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Most musclemen go Republican. Writers — except for Cold Warrior Tom Clancy — tend to back Democrats. And successful talk-show hosts stay out of politics altogether (you listening, Chevy?). That’s one way to read a survey by the Washington, D.C.-based O’Leary/Kamber Report, which reveals how much celebs gave to political campaigns during the 1991-92 election. The results are no surprise: Right-wing godfather William F. Buckley Jr. donated $1,150 to the GOP; Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Schmaltz Barbra Streisand made the Democrats $16,125 richer. But a few items ought to raise eyebrows: Why is Republican loyalist Arnold Schwarzenegger giving $1,000 to the weak-kneed Democratic competition? A partial list:

Talk Show Hosts
David Letterman — None
Johnny Carson — None
Arsenio Hall — None
Chevy Chase — $24,000 to the Dems

Tough Guys
Clint Eastwood — None
Chuck Norris — $2,000 to the GOP
Sylvester Stallone — $11,000 to the Dems and $23,000 to the GOP
Arnold Schwarzenegger — $1,000 to the Dems and $1,000 to the GOP

Judith Krantz — $41,218 to the Dems
Michael Crichton — $4,250 to the Dems
John Grisham — $3,750 to the Dems
Tom Clancy — $500 to the GOP

Madonna — None
Michael Jackson — None
Whoopi Goldberg — None
Roseanne Arnold — $16,339 to the Dems

Celeb Couples
Alec Baldwin $200 to the Dems
Kim Basinger — $1,000 to the Dems
Susan Sarandon — $1,650 to the Dems
Tim Robbins — $1,500 to the Dems