Movies named after hit songs -- Several recent film titles are borrowed from familiar tunes, from ''Stand By Me'' to ''My Girl''

By Tim Purtell
Updated March 18, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

You loved the song, you’ll love the movie. At least that’s what Hollywood hopes when it appropriates pop titles for films — as with What’s Love Got to Do With It, based on Tina Turner’s bio, I, Tina, but named after one of her hits. Sometimes the songs and movies are actually related. Sometimes not.

Title: My Boyfriend’s Back
Song: Lyrics of the Angels’ 1963 hit express teen girl’s concern with her reputation.
Movie: Working title, Johnny Zombie, better evoked 1993 teen comedy’s theme of resurrection.

Title: Dazed and Confused Song: Led Zeppelin’s 1968 love-is-hell electric blues.
Movie: Director Richard Linklater’s 1993 life-is-a-goof romp. (Cost kept the song out of the movie.)

Title: Love Potion #9
Song: Clovers’ 1959 hit about gypsy Madam Ruth, who helps guy score chicks with magic elixir.
Movie: Madame Ruth helps guy score chicks with elixir in 1992 comedy.
Movie-only props: condoms.

Title: Prelude To A Kiss
Song: The words of Duke Ellington Orchestra’s 1938 ballad evoke the natural world.
Movie: A honeymooning couple (Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin) encounter the supernatural in 1992 sudser.

Title: My Girl
Song: The Temptations’ ’60s tune uses nature imagery: ”I’ve got so much honey, the bees envy me.”
Movie: Boy (Macaulay Culkin) is stung to death by bees not long after his first kiss in the 1991 film.

Title: Only The Lonely
Song: 1960 weeper from Roy Orbison took themes of abandonment and isolation to operatic heights.
Movie: 1991 comedy finds lonely cop (John Candy) falling for equally lonely teacher (Ally Sheedy).

Title: Stand By Me Song: Ben E. King’s 1960 tribute to companionship went back on the charts thanks to the film.
Movie: Four misfit buddies realize the value of friendship as they search for a body in the woods.

Title: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Song: Rolling Stones’ 1968 riffy jumble about a guy who’s had it tough but bounces back somehow.
Movie: Techie (Whoopi Goldberg) has on-line pal called Jumpin’ Jack Flash in 1986 comedy.