The Oscar nominee shares his video store picks, from ''Moby Dick'' to ''Re-Animator''

By EW Staff
March 11, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

A 1990 Oscar nominee and a star of Short Cuts, Davison proves his taste in videos is as varied as his roles.

Moby Dick Gregory Peck (1956, MGM/UA) ”Peck’s role is something that inspired me to be an actor. I saw it as a kid and I remember the line about ‘I’ll be the first to sight the whale’ and getting the gold doubloon, and it brought back all those memories.”

Re-Animator Bruce Abbott (1985, LIVE) ”It’s so gory and fun that I can watch the scenes over and over again. I love that scene with Barbara Crampton, where she’s strapped naked on the table and that guy comes in with a well…I can’t say it, you’d have to rent it.”