Parents' Guide: Holiday Hits -- The best festive entertainment for kids

By EW Staff
Updated March 11, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Parents’ Guide: Holiday Hits

Three terrific books to help celebrate the spring holidays.

Happy Easter Day! Wendy Watson (Clarion, ages 3 to 6) Holiday songs and rhymes make Easter a special day for the family pictured in Watson’s jolly illustrated pages. B+

The Passover Journey Barbara Diamond Goldin; illustrated by Neil Waldman (Viking, ages 8 and up) The story of the Israelites’ miraculous flight to freedom sets the stage for this readable introduction to the seder, the ritual Passover meal. A-

The Easter Story Brian Wildsmith (Knopf, ages 4 to 8) Dramatic art and simple narrative recount Jesus’ last days on earth. A-

Here, some ear-raising alternatives to the standard Easter (and Passover) parade.

Easter Egg Mornin’ Bobby Goldsboro (Kid Rhino, ages 2 to 8) Goldsboro tells what happens when the Easter egg-laying hens go on strike. B-

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Meryl Streep, Lyle Mays, Art Lande (Rabbit Ears/BMG Kidz, ages 4 and up) Atmospheric jazz accompanies this sweet retelling of Beatrix Potter’s classic bunny tale. Streep narrates. A

A Singing Seder Cindy Paley (Music for Little People, ages 7 and up) Melodious educational songs from the Haggadah (the seder text). A-

Before the kids hunt for Easter eggs or matzo, pop in one of these vids and get them in the mood.

Madeline and the Easter Bonnet (1994, Golden Book, unrated, ages 3 to 8) The redheaded Parisian makes an Easter hat for a horse and becomes the toast of the fashion world. B+

Shalom Sesame’s Passover (1991, Children’s Television Workshop, unrated, ages 5 and up) When the matzo disappears, Jerusalem Jones and the Shalom Sesame gang look for clues amid historical high jinks. B

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1994, Paramount, unrated, ages 3 to 9) Guess who saves Easter by delivering eggs to the kids? Another solid Peanuts title. B