By Bruce Fretts
Updated March 04, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Pop quiz: Wendie Malick plays the tightly wound mate of an ultrarich jerk on the flesh-packed series (a) Dream On, (b) NYPD Blue, (c) Baywatch, or (d) all of the above. The correct answer is d, but it’s a testament to Malick’s class that she hasn’t repeated herself on these shows-or revealed herself. ”(Dream On executive producer) John Landis has invited me to do nude scenes, but they get quite enough people to show their very ample breasts, and I would hate to take that work away from them,” says Malick, 43, who recently won her third straight CableACE award for playing Brian Benben’s ex-wife (now married to a superhumanitarian who’s never around) on the HBO sitcom. Malick would have shown some skin during her NYPD gig as a millionaire’s battered wife whom David Caruso protected. But her character ended up killing her husband, ”so it didn’t quite work out that (Caruso and I) could date.” Still, she admits, ”I was really hoping that he could come get me out of the joint.” She seems a bit less attached to her Baywatch part as David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife, whom he rescued off her cowardly fiance’s submerged plane earlier this season. ”I usually go back once a season, make David Hasselhoff want me again, then leave,” she says, adding that she doesn’t know whether she’ll return. ”I don’t know what the future is for-I don’t remember her name Gayle!” But while Malick’s recent roles have had certain similarities, she’s hoping her next project will be a departure. In the CBS pilot Faith, she plays the agent of a struggling actress (Guys and Dolls’ Faith Prince). There’s no loutish spouse and no bodily exposure, but, Malick observes, ”I’m very well bred. Oddly enough, I wear pearls again. And I’m high-strung-what a surprise!” So how is this character different? ”Her name is Lindsay,” Malick offers. At least she doesn’t have trouble remembering that.