Sure, a soap can be a hotbed of activity — literally. But not all the bold & young & beautiful & restless denizens of this world see a lot of, uh, horizontal action. The following are people who, truly, need people. Take Mamie (Veronica Redd-Forrest) on The Young & the Restless. No one else has. Mamie’s last date was…hey, can anyone remember back that far? Call her the maid who’s never had her bed made. Hunky attorney John Silva (John Castellanos) is another Y&R character who is all work and no play. Has he ever dropped his legal briefs? Erica’s mama on All My Children, Mona (Frances Heflin), has been a mother-of-the-bride 10 times, but hasn’t had her own man since husband Charles died in 1985. The writers ”don’t think of the older characters as sexual,” explains Heflin, ”but it is time Mona had a life, don’t you think?”