Adam Curry's techno-dweeb gossip

By Michele Romero
Updated February 04, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Which once-upon-a-time teen idols just shot a video in which they appear au naturel in a vain attempt to resuscitate the toe-tagged corpse they call a career? Which eyelash-batting pop diva is fond of a certain bat-eating metalhead?

To find the answer to these and other music-biz tidbits, kick a PC into overdrive, log onto the Internet, zoom into cyberspace, and stop at — home of Cyber-Sleaze, the juicy gossip column published daily by techno-dweeb Adam Curry. That’s right, MTV’s most popular bouffant-helmeted VJ spends his off-hours riding the information highway. Curry, 29, started (with MTV’s blessing but not its sponsorship) last summer as an extension of a computer hobby. ”It has to be in your blood to be a computer nerd,” he says. ”I was just in denial.”

A full-service computer music magazine, also features pop-chart information, record reviews (including snippets of music), and some nonmusician interviews (with actors like Wes Studi). Curry likens the project to ”a one-stop shopping venue — a 7-Eleven for music” on the highway roadside. And like all good proprietors, he interacts with his community: Much of Cyber-Sleaze‘s dish comes from its 30,000 hacker readers via electronic mail. When the lead singer of a band that takes part of its name from a piece of fruit emptied his bladder onto a sea of moshers, a kid in the audience immediately E-mailed Curry with the news. Boasts the Liz Smith of the Internet, ”I had it first.”