Reader feedback to the Best of 1993 issue

By EW Staff
Updated January 28, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Reader feedback to issue # 203/204

A Best Effort

Bravo to EW for naming Steven Spielberg 1993 Entertainer of the Year. It is about time that Spielberg is being recognized for the genius he is. I hope that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will ignore their negativism toward Spielberg this year and award him the Academy Award he richly deserves.

George Kelly, Morrisville, N.Y.

Dazed and Confused a better movie than Schindler’s List? It’s obvious what you’ve been smoking.

Michael Harris, Tarzana, Calif.

Nary a mention of Michael Bolton or Mariah Carey in your year-end music wrap-up! Thank you! Congrats on the choice of k.d. lang as one of the Entertainers and for acknowledging the talents of Rosanne Cash and Toni Braxton. The diversity in all the lists presented a well-rounded look at the year that was.

Russell Poncik, Houston

Your ”Best of 1993” issue provides yet more evidence of why so many of us parents hate Barney: the chintzy costume. Here he is, on page 53, with a huge split seam under his left arm. This guy makes millions, and he’s dressing in cast-offs from H.R.Pufnstuf! I mean, really—how much does terry cloth cost?

Darcy Sullivan, San Francisco

I just love your magazine. Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet is a weekly highlight. However, I did want to point out an error in your ”Best of 1993” edition. In a story about David Letterman, you mentioned the time he called a pay phone and surprised a woman named Tracy by inviting her onto the show. The story said she was from Arizona. Actually, she was from Alabama-Phenix City, to be exact. And, yes, that’s the correct spelling of the city.

Tim McKinney, Montgomery, Ala.

Applause for including John Grisham in your Entertainers of the Year. He defines the word entertainer. I’m amazed how he’s kept his feet firmly planted on the ground while his books soared to No. 1.

Jim McDowell, Sardis, Miss.

This will probably sound really picky, but the Year That Was section mentioned that Robert James Waller, the novelist, released a country album called The Ballads of Madison County. You also said it did not crack the Billboard Top 200. While I am no fan of the man or his work, if you check out Billboard for the week ending Aug. 28, 1993, you will notice that Waller’s album did in fact debut at number 200 for that week. (It fell off the next week.)

Austin Wallace, Washington, D.C.

In your picture of Butt-head, 1993 Rookie of the Year, he looked so lonely. Butt-head without Beavis is like Rogers without Astaire, Costello without Abbott, the World Trade Center with only one tower, or one Twin Peak. The toxic teens are so neurotically entwined that they commit acts of mayhem together, run for class treasurer together, and even go to the bathroom together. That’s part of their sullen charm. Beavis and Butt-head are cool. Separating them sucks.

Marilyn Burton, New York City