By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
Updated January 28, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST
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The scenes kept out of Philadelphia might be even more intriguing than what survived the final cut: Left on the editing-room floor were segments that express the homophobia of Andrew’s lawyer, Joe, in raw language, and scenes that enrich the relationship between Andrew and his lover, Miguel, an element many reviewers have criticized as sketchy. Also missing are segments that played, in screenwriter Ron Nyswaner’s words, like ”public-service announcements.” Here are excerpts you won’t see on screen: * Joe (Washington), concerned that meeting Beckett exposed him to AIDS, visits his doctor. Doctor: (You can’t get AIDS by) touching, or shaking hands, or hugging, even using the same toilet . (Even) kissing someone with AIDS is safe. (You’re at risk if you’ve had) unprotected sex with someone during the last 12 years. In the script, unlike the movie, Joe returns to the examining table and rolls up his sleeve for an AIDS test.

*After Andrew’s case makes the news, Joe is propositioned by a gay law student. At home, Joe complains to his wife, Lisa. Joe: Is there some kind of expression I’ve picked up from Beckett?! Some kind of fairy attitude I’ve unconsciously adopted?! Have I picked up some kind of homo vibe?!” Lisa: Women get hit on like this 365 days a year, Joe.

*At an anniversary party for Andrew’s parents, his brother and Miguel watch them dance. Brother: Can you imagine any two people being together for 40 years? Miguel: Yes. I can.

*Later, Andrew and Miguel fight over Andrew’s future. Andrew: You want me to give up? Let this thing turn us into victims? Miguel: Then, what are we, Drew?! The winners? ”Ladies and gentlemen, the first prize of AIDS goes to Andrew Beckett and his lover, Miguel ” Excuse me, I’m not your lover. I’m your care partner.

Andrew: I’m not ready to die. Miguel: Do you think I’m ready for it?! I hate this shit. I’m not a martyr! (Miguel slides down the wall, sitting in a heap. Andrew goes to him. They hug. Miguel holds him tight.) Miguel: Please don’t leave me. I love you so much. Don’t die, don’t leave me, please. (Miguel rocks in Andrew’s arms. Andrew kisses the top of his head, holding him tight.) Andrew: I am so scared. I am so f — -ing, incredibly, f


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