By EW Staff
Updated January 28, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

On the B side of Pearl Jam’s new fan club-only single, ”Angel,” the pugilistic frontman sounds eerily like Jim Morrison as he spews such pearls of Pearl Jam wisdom as ”F — – me in my brain!” and ”Your dirt is my f — -ing food.”

WEATHER CAMEO OF THE WEEK Ben Vaughn A bolt of lightning that struck the New Jersey roots rocker’s roof while he was recording his new disc, Mono U.S.A, can be heard on the song ”Blues on the Ceiling.”

DUBIOUS CLAIM OF THE WEEK David Bowie The genre-confused Best of Grunge Rock compilation lumps together Smashing Pumpkins, Helmet-and Bowie’s flannel-free hard-rock ensemble, Tin Machine. Yeah, and it never rains in Seattle, either.