Reader feedback on Jason Patric

By EW Staff
January 21, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Star Track

Thank you so much for the cover story on Jason Patric ( 202, Dec. 24). He is the best actor in Hollywood-period. I work at a video-rental store and recommend his movies to anyone who will listen. Without fail, customers are always impressed. I wish young Hollywood would follow Jason’s lead and adopt a higher standard.

Sandra Pierce, Sevierville, Tenn.

Why isn’t Jason Patric a Star Yet?” Because he is a young actor who hasn’t perfected his craft yet. You give the star label away so easily these days; it takes more than a good body to make an actor and even more to make a star.

W.D. Everett, Sparks, Nev.

‘Mighty’ Models

I was disappointed to learn in ”Mighty Morphin Madness” that the producers of this kiddie camp didn’t credit the movie Infra-Man or the series Spectreman (Hong Kong and Japanese works respectively, which predate Morphin by at least 15 years). The concept and even the monsters are carbon copies. Is that stale sushi I smell or a fresh lawsuit?

Joe Zavacky, San Jose, Calif.

Smith and Lesson

Will Smith spent weeks boasting to the media that, after accepting the gay con artist role in Six Degrees of Separation, he made sure his check was in hand before telling director Fred Schepisi he refused to do a pivotal kiss scene with Anthony Michael Hall. Now Smith tells EW his action was ”very immature,” and he regrets it. Well excuse me if I find Smith’s late-in-the-game mea culpa unconvincing, appearing as it does after several critical stories in gay papers. It wouldn’t surprise me if, faced with losing a large part of the film’s expected audience, studio pressure was brought to bear.

Stephen H. Miller, New York City

‘Tomb’ Time

I feel the need to elaborate on statements made in your article on the Tombstone production. I also ”took pen to script,” laboring with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer to pare the original 138-page draft down to a shootable size. I was hired the same day as director Cosmotos and spent several weeks on location, during which time I produced 11 revisions of the script and had to eliminate 40 pages so the entire film could be shot in the remaining schedule. My work on Tombstone was some of my best as a writer here in Hollywood.

John Fasano, Associate Producer, Tombstone Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Editor’s Note: A Writers Guild arbitration awarded sole screenwriting credit to Kevin Jarre.

The Sound of Movies

Thanks for the long-needed look at film soundtracks. It’s high time film composers were seen for who they are: the modern-day equivalent of classical composers. However, your reviewer overlooked the phenomenal Gettysburg soundtrack by Randy Edelman. He showed tremendous promise on a portion of Last of the Mohicans, but here he blooms spectacularly.

Andy Mangels, Portland, Ore.