By EW Staff
December 24, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Your interview with Clint Eastwood (#200, Dec. 10) reallyinspired me. Out of all the articles in EW, this was one of myfavorites.LOUIS AUTUORI Fairfield, Conn.

I suppose everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, butwhy would anyone write an article on Clint Eastwood? He and hismovies are just plain boring.LINDA GREEN Muscatine, Iowa

Eastwood is God.HOWARD FREEGARDTemple City, Calif.

Your article ”Future Hype” was great, and it came just in timefor the holidays. I had been waiting for the information youprovided, especially that regarding CD-i, CD-ROM, and 3DO. Whileyour article contributed to my decision to buy the CD-i machine,I disagree with the statement that consumers ”may want to save[their] dimes” and wait for interactive cable. Stores areselling (and consumers buying) the CD-i machine; many have itfor $499 and offer plenty of software for it. The future ofvideo games and prerecorded-movie entertainment is with thefive-inch disc!KIRK BLAYLOCKColumbus, Ohio

”Future Hype” was certainly interesting to read. A look into thefuture is always exciting, but with technology advancing soquickly, our society often overlooks the fact that millions ofpeople (and possible consumers) cannot benefit from half of it.I have yet to see Jurassic Park (I will as soon as it comes outon video). I just viewed Saturday Night Live and Late Show WithDavid Letterman for the first time this year. Of course, this isbecause they are now, as are many (but not all) videos andtelevision programs, closed-captioned.

Yet, what do I and other people who are deaf or hard of hearinghave to complain about? At least Sue and Johnny will be able toorder a pizza from their remote control in 2015.JAYNE JOHNSTON Winthrop, Mass.

Well it’s about time that the entertainment business (read: thecritics) admits to something that we (read: Barry Manilow fans)have known all along. Thanks, Kate Meyers, for enlightening someof those Murphy Brown types who now finally see the light. Andthank you, Barry, for being who you are: a true inspiration.DEBBIE BLACKCanal Winchester, Ohio

Congratulations on your 200th issue! I have one question: Whydidn’t you commemorate it with a special issue? A magazine ofyour quality certainly deserves one!BENJAMIN J. CARRBuford, Ga.

Happy atop the late-night throne, he struts his fabled wit — anda newfound warmth.


Happy atop the late-night throne, he struts his fabled wit — anda newfound warmth.