Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Frasier's Eddie, Married...With Children's Buck Bundy and more

By EW Staff
Updated December 24, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Bow Wow!
Bravo for being the first magazine to lavish attention on TV’s cutest hunk: Frasier‘s dog, Eddie (#199, Dec. 3). Despite Eddie’s pedigree (doesn’t that compare to a Harvard education?) and appeal to women, Lorne Michaels still didn’t realize what a late-night sensation he could have had on his hands. Here’s staring back at you, Eddie.
Elisa Cibrario

I enjoyed your article on showbiz critters, but where was Buck Bundy? He may be the most scruffy of the Married…With Children clan; however, he’s probably the most intelligent. Buck’s human analogue would be Bob Dylan.
LeRoy Cook
Salt Lake City

Your writers must be taking a catnap. One word: Otto — the cat from Bob (actually played by two cats, Samantha and Ms. Kitty). He’s the Robert De Niro of kitties.
Lon Wolf
Mount Laurel, N.J.

I was shocked to see that your cover story included neither the famed MGM lion (perhaps the most famous movie animal of all time) nor Barkley (This Boy’s Life), an adorable Jack Russell terrier — like Eddie — costarring as Baby with Dana Carvey in our upcoming film Clean Slate.
Ronni Chasen
Senior VP, Worldwide Publicity, MGM
Santa Monica, Calif.

We do not fault your editorial decision to name Eddie as TV’s top dog (breed preference being a highly personal matter), but we at Empty Nest were distressed at our Dreyfuss’ omission from the entire list of the top 16 most influential critters in showbiz. Dreyfuss [real name: Bear] has delivered week in, week out, for six seasons in an industry where longevity at the top is the final test. If your grievous oversight is deemed to have a negative impact on Dreyfie’s professional status, earning potential, or ability to get a decent table at Morton’s, be assured that our legal firm will be in touch.
The Staff of Empty Nest

Aids Tribute
I applaud you for your feature on individuals lost to AIDS in 1993 and wouldlike to add a name to that list: Michael Tovar. I initially met Tovar at a salon, and we became dear friends over the years. Tovar and I shared many dreams, and I was thrilled to see him go on to become a respected beauty consultant in the entertainment business. When AIDS cut Tovar’s dreams short, he was in the process of developing his own line of cosmetics. I thank you for the opportunity to pay tribute to him both as an artist and as a man. I would also like to thank one of Tovar’s heroes, the very gracious Elizabeth Taylor, who helped make his final weeks much happier.
Tanya Tucker

Correction: A video item mistakenly cast Julie Andrews in the film My Fair Lady. While Andrews originated the role of Eliza Doolittle in the 1956 Broadway version of the play, it was Audrey Hepburn, of course, who played the part in the film.