The ''Picket Fences'' actress talks about being on set and ruining late night TV talk shows

Lauren Holly has rotten luck with talk shows. The Picket Fences star holds herself personally responsible for the death of The Chevy Chase Show. ”I was one of his first guests and one of his last,” she says. ”If he saw me on the street, he’d probably go screaming in the other direction.” And when she appeared on CBS’ Late Show on Nov. 29, David Letterman couldn’t remember her name. ”He thought my first name was Holly,” she says the morning after, sipping coffee at a Manhattan hotel. ”It was no big deal. I didn’t even notice. But then he made a big point out of apologizing on the air.”

To those who have, unlike Dave, seen her work, Holly, 30, is decidedly hard to forget. As Max, Tom Skerritt’s dishy but unlucky-in-love deputy, she’s spent the last two seasons dating a midget, a psycho psychiatrist, and a pair of homosexual serial killers. ”It’s so unfair,” she says, rolling her eyes. ”The men get to date beautiful twins. I tell the producer that after what I’ve been through he owes me a date with the entire Green Bay Packers football team.”

Originally headed for law school, Holly got into acting at the prodding of her Sarah Lawrence roommate, Robin Givens. After three years vamping as Julie Chandler on ABC’s All My Children, she scored parts in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (playing Andrew Dice Clay’s love interest — no easy role, that), To Riverdale and Back Again (a TV movie based on Archie comics; she played Betty), and the motion picture Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (she was Lee’s wife).

Her personal life, she insists, is less loopy than that of her TV character. ”I’m getting a divorce (from actor Danny Quinn, Anthony’s son), but that’s about as interesting as a traffic accident.” She lives alone in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks with ”two horses, three dogs, and two birds.” And, by the way, she doesn’t date midgets, shrinks, or serial killers.

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