December 17, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

The Only Way Out

TV Show
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John Ritter, Stephanie Faracy, Henry Winkler

Television movies don’t get much creepier than The Only Way Out. John Ritter and Stephanie Faracy (Hocus Pocus) are Jeremy and Lynn, the recently separated, soon-to-divorce parents of three children. Everything’s ducky with Jeremy, who is snuggling with Sisters’ Julianne Phillips, but Lynn is dating Henry Winkler, whose glowering Tony seems like an obvious psycho the first moment you see him and just gets worse from there. As The Only Way Out proceeds, Tony gets meaner and more violent, Lynn comes to seem like a helpless masochist, and the children are thoroughly rattled by the upheaval in their lives. The Only Way Out exploits one’s worst fears about nearly everything-broken marriages, bad dates, and frightened kids caught in the middle-and does it in a singularly banal way. D

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