Michael Jackson's ''Dangerous'' year -- A timeline of the singer's events


Has any entertainer ever experienced such heady highs and such a calamitous fall in a single year? Jackson started 1993 standing next to the President of the United States, promoting a new, accessible image, going on Oprah to finally reveal something of his personal life. Few guessed how tawdry future revelations would be.

Jan. 16
Jackson appears at NAACP Image Awards.
Jan. 19
Jackson performs at pre-Inaugural gala alongside the Clintons.
Jan. 25
Jackson appears on American Music Awards.
Jan. 31
Jackson dazzles 91 million viewers during a half-time performance at Super Bowl XXVII.

Feb. 10
Long regarded as weird and private, he gives his first TV interview in years on ABC’s Michael Jackson Talks to…Oprah. Ninety million viewers tune in as he says that he has vitiligo, a disease that discolors the skin; that he has never tried to by the Elephant Man’s bones; and that he’s dating Brooke Shields.
Feb. 18
Shields insists that she and the Gloved One are just good friends.
Feb. 24
Suddenly the most visible man in pop, Jackson (escorted by Shields) appears with sister Janet on Grammy broadcast, proving they’re not the same person.

March 8
He announces formation of Michael Jackson Productions Inc., an independent film company that will give a share of profits to his Heal the World foundation.
March 9
Jackson wins awards for best album (Dangerous) and best R&B single (”Remember the Time”) at the Soul Train Music Awards, and performs in a golden wheelchair after spraining an ankle.
March 19
Jackson gets approval from Santa Barbara County officials to build a breeding ground for gorillas, white tigers, and bears at his Neverland Valley Ranch.
March 25
Junk bond king Michael Milken announces plans to team up with Jackson to start an entertainment and educational cable network.

June 13
Jackson launches his new MJJ/Epic record label with the Free Willy soundtrack.

Aug. 17
A Beverly Hills psychiatrist contacts Los Angeles Police Department’s sexually exploited child unit after a 13-year-old patient claims Jackson fondled him. LAPD begins investigation into charges, brought by boy’s father, that Jackson sexually abused the child at the singer’s house earlier in the year. Father of alleged victim obtains a court ruling to deny Jackson any contact with his son.
Aug. 21
Police raid Jackson’s ranch, seizing videotapes and other possible evidence.
Aug. 22
Jackson leaves U.S. for Bangkok to launch Dangerous tour.
Aug. 23
LAPD formally announces its investigation of Jackson.
Aug. 24
From Thailand, Jackson denies the allegations. Jackson’s security consultant, Anthony Pelicano, says that the boy’s father attempted to extort $20 million from Jackson to set up a production company, and that Jackson receives 25 to 30 such extortion attempts a year. PepsiCo says it will continue to sponsor the Dangerous tour and to air a commercial starring Jackson.
Aug. 26
The Jackson camp denies Michael has attempted suicide. Brett Barnes, 11, a former playmate of Jackson’s, says they shared a bed but did not have sexual contact. Jackson cancels concert in Bangkok because of ”acute dehydration.”
Aug. 27
Police sources say videotape seized at Neverland contain no incriminating evidence.
Aug. 29
Jackson turns 35, and performs in Singapore. Liz Taylor flies to his side to lend support.
Aug. 30
Jackson cancels a second Singapore show because of migraines.

Sept. 2
La Toya Jackson confirms that Michael used to spend the night with young boys in his room, but says, ”We really don’t know [if the allegations are true].” Jackson pulls out of deal to write and perform the title track to Addams Family Values.
Sept. 3
Jackson’s parents, plus four siblings, fly to Taiwan. They’re seated at the front of the stage during his Taipei concert.
Sept. 5
Jackson spends $4,500 in a shopping spree at a Taipei Toys ”R” Us store.
Sept. 14
Two former Jackson employees (who maintain he owes them $500,000 in wages) claim they saw Jackson ”doing what honeymooners do” with several young boys.
Sept 15.
The alleged victim files civil suit against Jackson for seduction and sexual abuse.
Sept 18
In Jerusalem, Jackson is barred by Orthodox Jewish protesters from visiting Wailing Wall.

Oct. 7
Jackson attorney Bert Fields files $10 million suit against the tabloid Globe for an article claiming the star offered to pay the families of allegedly abused children hush money.
Oct. 9
Jackson greets photographers stationed outside his Buenos Aires hotel balcony by holding a copy of Child magazine, featuring an article titled ”46 Fun Baby Games.”
Oct. 29
Jackson asks California courts to delay sexual-abuse suit for six years, when statute of limitations will have run out.
Oct. 31
Michael’s grandfather Samuel Jackson, 100, dies in a Phoenix nursing home.

Nov. 8
Police confiscate boxes of photographs and files from Jackson’s parents’ Encino, Calif., home.
Nov. 12
In Mexico, Jackson cancels the remainder of his Dangerous tour, adding that the pressures from the molestation charges have left him addicted to painkillers.
Nov. 13
Jackson is reported to be in London’s Charter Nightingale Clinic.
Nov. 14
With the cancellation of the Dangerous tour, Pepsi announces it has ended its 10-year relationship with Jackson.
Nov. 15
His lawyer says the tour was canceled because Michael ”was barely able to function on an intellectual level.”
Nov. 16
LAPD prepares a warrant to strip-search Jackson to confirm the alleged victim’s description of his genitalia.
Nov. 22
Five ex-guards at Neverland sue Jackson for firing them, allegedly because they knew too much about dalliances with young boys. A London doctor confirms the singer has entered group therapy following a detox program.
Nov. 23
Sony releases the video compilation Dangerous: The Short Films, and announces Dangerous sales are more than 20 million worldwide. A Superior Court judge in Santa Monica, Calif., orders Jackson to submit to a deposition for the civil suit before Jan. 31 and sets trial date for March 21.
Nov. 24
Jackson signs a guaranteed $70 million, five-year deal with EMI Music to administer his ATV Music publishing catalog (which includes Beatles hits). Janet Jackson asks her Cincinnati audience to join her in ”a silent prayer for my brother Michael.”
Nov. 29
Two of Jackson’s former security guards claim Jackson asked them to destroy a photo of a nude boy in his bathroom.

Dec. 3
Jackson’s lawyer says his client will return to U.S. by mid-January to be deposed in civil suit.