Readers respond to "The Pelican Brief," Pearl Jam, and Macaulay Culkin

By EW Staff
Updated December 10, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

So your holiday movie previewers don’t think that The Pelican Brief is Oscar material? I can live with that—who cares? But despite your giving the film a poor write-up, you featured Julia Roberts on the cover. It must have major newsstand appeal.
Angie Druetta
Natchez, Miss.

Moody Blues

Eddie Vedder has a right to be ”morose and bitter” because magazines insist on writing negative things about him. His fans don’t care if he carries a bottle of wine around; we care about what comes out of his mouth. Pearl Jam’s music means a lot to an entire generation, and you would know why if you ever gave them half a chance.
Nicole Jaeckels
Garden Grove, Calif.

If Pearl Jam doesn’t like being big or selling lots of records, why did they choose a major label, dump big bucks into the ludicrous ”Jeremy” video, make an MTV Unplugged appearance and beat us senseless with ”alternative” pretenses, and appear in the high-profile film Singles, playing (rather unconvincingly) alternative-rock guys? If sullen sells, why don’t they adopt a less-profitable posture? I’m doing my part, though. I’m not buying any of their albums.
Richard York
Edmond, Okla.

Family Affair

I’m a big fan of Macaulay Culkin, and Meredith Berkman’s story on Kit Culkin was long overdue. Culkin’s father is going to ruin the poor boy’s career. Congratulations on opening everybody’s eyes.
Shawn Foss
Eau Claire, Wis.

Hollywood’s feud with Macaulay Culkin’s father illustrates how far removed that world is from America. Showbiz logic says a father protecting his 13- year-old is living out his own failed acting career. It’s okay when a Sylvester Stallone makes demands but quite another thing when a dad wants the same for his family. Hollywood, grow up.
Travis Armstrong
Washington, D.C.

Rush Strokes

How many books does Rush Limbaugh have to sell, and how high do his ratings have to get, before you quit alluding to his fans as some sort of mentally challenged fringe group? I’ll gladly match IQs with anyone from the anti-Rush crowd, anytime, anywhere.
Mark Wingfield
Kilgore, Tex.

Hits Missed

In your Nov. 19 issue, Steve Simels wrote about Jimmy Clanton and stated that ”Just a Dream” was his only hit. It did reach the top 10, but so did ”Venus in Blue Jeans” and ”Go, Jimmy, Go.”
Charles Berger
Bethel, Conn.