Molten Gold: The Anthology

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December 03, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Free Molten Gold: The Anthology (A&M) They’re best known for their grunt-rock standard ”All Right Now” and for being the band Paul Rodgers was in before Bad Company. Free deserves better. Blues-rock hippies from England, they could swagger like rock road warriors or play a ballad that sounded as weary as a great country song. Either way, they kept it lean and simple. The 30 songs on this two-disc distillation never bog down in excessive solos, orchestration, or other indulgences of early ’70s hard rock. Hear Rodgers when he sang with soul, not just bluff and bluster, and discover where the Black Crowes copped about half their moves. A- -DB

Molten Gold: The Anthology

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Molten Gold: The Anthology

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