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By Anne Reeks
Updated December 03, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Barney's Favorites Vol.1

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Raffi returns, the Three Stooges sing, and veteran performers Jerry Garcia and David Grisman croon for kiddies.

AGES 1 to 3
Sunshine Cake Mike & Carleen McCornack
A dancing bear, a smiling croc, a shaggy sheep: Such is the cast of characters featured in this happy melange. Playful songs and poignant lullabies, including one penned by Mary-Chapin Carpenter. A

Barney’s Favorites Vol.1
Parents may groan, but the world’s friendliest dinosaur and his kid cohorts have cut their first album, singing their simple, sweet songs (”I Love You,” ”Do Your Ears Hang Low?”) much as they do on TV — simply and sweetly. If only there were a bit more originality. B-

AGES 3 to 6
Not For Kids Only Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
”Homespun” and ”rustic” are high praise when applied to the warm splendor of David Grisman’s mandolin and Jerry Garcia’s acoustic guitar. With mellow vocals, these legendary pickers tug the heartstrings (”Shenandoah”) and strum jolly, gentle, twangy old-time nonsense (”There Ain’t No Bugs on Me”) from them thar Appalachian hills. A

Take a Seat! Frank Cappelli
Nice guy Cappelli is so politically correct here, his virtuousness sometimes gets in the way of good music-making. There are admirable, earnest, and rather drippy songs about ecology and world peace, but Cappelli is better on equally enlightening-though less weighty-tunes like ”The Consonants” and ”Smile.” B- — Ken Tucker

Raffi On Broadway Raffi
Back from a three-year recording hiatus, Raffi belts out ”Down by the Bay” and ”Baby Beluga,” makes goofy jokes, and mimics Bob Dylan. There’s not much new on this in-concert album, but what’s here is as genial and singable as ever. B

AGES 6 to 9
Christmas Time with the Three Stooges The Three Stooges
The tart tunes and repartee from Larry, Moe, and Curly, culled from two 1950s recordings, will tickle first-graders of any age. B

Barney's Favorites Vol.1

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