By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
Updated December 03, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

POWER TRAINER Shelby Marlo,Los Angeles Cost: $150 for the first 1 1/2-hour one-on-one session, $75 for each hour thereafter; $150 for five group lessons. Star Treatment: Forest Whitaker;Bridget Fonda, and Linda Hunt all turn to Marlo for help with wayward pups. Marlo uses ”motivational, Skinnerian training,” which includes ”teaching the owner to be top dog.” Why It’s Worth It: Forget that simple sit-and-stay stuff; Marlo can teach your dog to wipe it’s paws on a doormat and ”Go Potty” on command. POWER BEAUTY SALON Natures Grooming & Boutique, Santa Monica Cost: $35 and up Star Treatment: ”We give dogs four different rinses, including hypoallergenic and moisturizing baths,” says owner Leigh Layne. ”We file the nails as well as clip them. We hand-fluff. And as soon as every dog is done, we put it on a big white fluffy towel.” Layne also dyes pooches pink, blue, and purple,and has even shaved ”rosebuds on a dog’s tush.” Why It’s Worth It: ”My little dog was abused by dog groomer,” says Layne. ”I swore no one would ever hurt her again.”

POWER PAD Animal Inns Of America, Garden Grove Cost: $50 per day for the deluxe package Star Treatment: Rex will be picked up by limo and checked into a Royal Suite, complete with two single beds (one for the human ”valet”), piped-in music, and a television set- things that give animals ”the warm fuzzies,” explains owner/ vetrinarian Dr. Leslie Malo. Guests are treated to ”physical fitness” sessions (running in an enclosed space or jumping over wooden sawhorses), a special diet, a daily vet check, and ”cookie time.” Why It’s Worth It: The inn accommodates all requests – almost. ”There was a famous director who came in once with a big bag of cigarette butts and asked if we would give the dog a couple a day,” recalls Malo. ”We said no.”

POWER VET/DENTIST Dr. Anthony Shipp, Beverly Hills Cost: An office visit is only $37; braces start at $350. Star Treatment: Frank Sinatra, Sidney Poitier, Barry Manilow, Dudley Moore,and Richard Simmons (”He’d do anything for his dogs”) are a few of the many who rely on what Shipp calls his ”personal touch,” which includes house calls. One of the world’s 27 board- certified veterinary dentists, Shipp can not only adjust Rover’s bite, but also brighten it with a toothbrush that’s of his own design. Why It’s Worth It: Because Shipp understands that ”the hardest animal to treat … is the owner.”-RAW