Bad girl Shannen Doherty makes headlines

By Jessica Shaw
Updated November 19, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

There’s good news. There’s bad news. And now there’s Shannen Doherty news. In the space of two weeks, the Beverly Hills, 90210 hell-raiser conjured up enough stories to keep the New York Post in business. But further investigation proved that the tabs only scratched the surface.

Shannen’s hit-and-run!
Everyone reported that Doherty clipped photographer Raymond Harris with her car while she and hubby Ashley Hamilton tried to escape the paparazzi at L.A.’s Babylon restaurant. What went unnoticed was the mood of the couple at dinner. “If they had been talking, they would have been arguing,” says a waiter.

Doherty’s publicists: dazed and confused?
The Babylon incident fueled more reports that she and Hamilton were splitsville. When we called to confirm, Doherty’s people said no, “They’ve been two bugs in a rug.” But 10 minutes later, a spokeswoman phoned to say, “no comment,” and denied the prior conversation.

Why her arms are not too short to box with Ashley:
“You don’t have to be bigger than the guy to beat him up,” she told a patron at New York’s MercBar on Oct. 23. “You just attract their attention, then knee them in the balls. When they’re down, knee them in the face.” No wonder they call her a knockout.