Michael Hutchence shops till he drops

By EW Staff
Updated November 19, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

For most of the year, Michael Hutchence was holed up on the Isle of Capri, recording Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, INXS’ 10th album. That, and the Australian band’s four-month small-club tour, left the 33-year-old lead singer little time to hang out with his supermodel girlfriend, Helena Christensen — let alone shop for records. To rectify that, we escorted him to a local Tower Records for a little album grazing and buying. His comments from, well, B to S:

Bestkissersintheworld? Good band name….I have to get Björk’s solo album [Debut] — she has the most incredible voice….Bowie doesn’t get enough respect. He’s a good singles writer. I’ve always wanted to cover his music — some stuff from the Low or Heroes period….Look, an old Generation X record [Perfect Hits 1975-1981]. Look at Billy [Idol]. He looks like someone in Duran Duran…I love PJ Harvey, but 14 songs in demo version [4-Track Demos]? What a strange thing to do….Here’s Are You Experienced? repackaged [MCA Records] for the hundredth time. My problem with Jimi Hendrix is that there’s more repackaging of him than anyone else….INXS. I hate our first two albums. There are some good songs, but we hadn’t found ourselves in the studio yet. I like our new one a lot. It’s a bit more passionate and stripped down. And we got to do a cover of the Steppenwolf song “Born to Be Wild” on the B-side of the CD single….Midnight Oil. We started out with them. It’s a pity, but they’ve hardly gone anywhere except in Australia, probably because they don’t tour the States enough. I don’t think bands understand how much it takes to let people in America know you’re alive….I haven’t heard much good buzz about Pearl Jam’s new one [Vs.]….I love the Pet Shop Boys. Some people can’t stand them, and I can understand that. They really are quite annoying in this great way….American Caesar! Iggy Pop! I heard it at a friend’s house and it’s completely amazing, so I have to get that….Radiohead has a great guitar sound — very driving. Their single “Creep” is cool….Smashing Pumpkins is the best band in the world. Their first album, Gish, is brilliant. I want to hear this new one [Siamese Dream]….I like Suede because they’re not grunge. They’re really open about their Bowie influences, same as Smashing Pumpkins. It’s cool when people are honest about that….By the way, do you have any money? It seems I’ve left my wallet at home. — Mark Petracca