The superstar was once a soap reject and more news from dramatic daytime TV

By Alan Carter
Updated November 19, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Random notes for a soap snap: Everyone knows Kevin Costner‘s scenes were cut from 1983’s The Big Chill, but did you know that back in the ’70s he was rejected for a part on Days of Our Lives? No response from the Costner camp on that résumé detail.

Do you find it strange that nobody says what Scott (Peter Barton) is dying of on The Young and the Restless, especially since he is a doctor — wouldn’t he know?

Don’t you wish All My Children‘s Dixie (Cady McClain) would stop changing hairstyles and colors? Enough already!

The usually sensitive Another World blundered with an introduction of Asian character Ito (Kevin John Gee). Another character described Ito on the show as “a master of martial arts, a good cook, [with] very sophisticated electronics skills.” Geez. Why didn’t they add inscrutable and complete the offensive stereotype?