By EW Staff
Updated November 12, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

HOT STUFF: It looks like the shadow really does know. Due next summer, The Shadow—the film version of the 1930s radio show—features Penelope Ann Miller as a clairvoyant, but it’s costar Alec Baldwin who’s been seeing the future. On one recent day of shooting, Baldwin, who plays the crime fighter of the film’s title, decided he didn’t like the dress that wardrobe had chosen for Miller. ”Alec said the dress wasn’t sexy,” says Miller. ”He said, ‘That dress should burn.’ The next morning we came in to find that there had been a fire, and all that was left of the dress was a sleeve.” But Miller isn’t mollified: ”It was pretty creepy.” —Beth Landman

FAT CHANCE: You’re at a press party for a weight-loss expert. What’s on the menu? Crudites? Melon balls? Yogurt dip? Not if the party is celebrating the upcoming syndicated talk show (debuting in fall ’94) for successful dieter and Stop the Insanity author Susan Powter. After watching a video about Powter’s show, guests ignored the once-260-pound housewife’s advice of low-fat intake and instead dug in to high-fat cheese, fried spring roles, fried crab cakes, and other calorically whopping chow. ”Susan stayed out of planning the food,” says a spokeswoman for the event. ”She felt they shouldn’t penalize everyone who wasn’t on a diet.” Meanwhile, Powter didn’t touch a thing. Too fattening? No. ”After this,” she said, ”I’m going to a big dinner.” —Jessica Shaw

PAL JOEY: Yet another episode in the Amy Fisher-Joey Buttafuoco saga will be coming soon to a TV set near you. Your host: none other than Joey’s loyal wife, Mary Jo. According to a check request form obtained by Entertainment Weekly, the Fox network may be forking over $500,000 for an exclusive interview with Mrs. Buttafuoco, whose husband recently pleaded guilty to charges of statutory rape and is currently awaiting sentencing. ”We’ve had calls from every single show except 60 Minutes,” says Buttafuoco’s attorney Dominic Barbara, who confirms that negotiations are under way for a possible interview on Fox’s A Current Affair and maybe even one more TV movie. ”I can’t confirm that,” says A Current Affair spokesman Ed Burns when asked about a possible Buttafuoco interview. Maybe he should call accounting. —Melina Gerosa

BRIDE VISITED: Whoever said romance is dead hasn’t met Tom Hanks. On a recent Saturday in Beaufort, S.C., where Hanks and costars Robin Wright and Sally Field are filming Forrest Gump, young bride Mary Chapman was waiting on the steps of the Carteret Street United Methodist Church for her nuptials to begin. Suddenly, a car pulled up and out popped Hanks. The actor, who was just passing by, bounded up the steps, hugged the bride, and gave the ceremony his blessing. ”We were all screaming and hollering,” says Chapman, 29, who teaches fourth grade in a suburb of Charleston. ”We said it must be a sign that everything was meant to be.” —Jeff Gordinier

MEET JOHN DOW: What’s in a name? Not much if you’re model- turned-actor-turned-author Fabio. With his waist-length mane and pumped up pecs, the Milanese woman magnet attracted a crowd during a stopover at St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport, but many couldn’t remember his singular moniker. ”It’s what’s his name!” shouted one woman. ”I’ve seen him on Regis a million times.” ”It’s Faybie,” screamed another. ”No. It’s Fabissimo!” yelled a third, inciting a swarm of autograph hounds to rush the hunk, who is on a promotional tour for his debut romance novel, The Pirate. One observer did manage to keep her cool—but not for long. ”He does nothing for me,” she said before rushing the crowd with her camera, shrieking, ”Can I take my picture with you?” —JS