October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Don’t think it was easy making CBS’ Return to Lonesome Dove,debuting Nov. 14. Although Lonesome Dove author Larry McMurtryinitially declined to write the sequel to the hit 1989 miniseries, hedid consult on and approve the script. Then, six months before the$30 million epic-starring Jon Voight and Barbara Hershey-went intoproduction, McMurtry gave the filmmakers an advance copy of the realsequel, his new novel, Streets of Laredo. One small problem: A numberof characters who’d been killed off in Return’s script suddenlyturned up alive and well in Laredo. ”Larry is an artist,” shrugsReturn’s executive producer Suzanne de Passe. ”Artistic people changetheir minds.” Solution: de % Passe’s producing partner, Robert HalmiJr., snapped up the rights to Laredo for $1.1 million and startedrestoring life to the dead characters. Halmi now plans to complete aLonesome Dove trilogy. This time-no fool-he’ll make sure McMurtrywrites the script.

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