By Bruce Fretts
Updated October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

3WednesdayBeverly Hills, 90210 (Fox, 8-9 p.m.) Legal entanglements abound:Brenda (Shannen Doherty) balks when the family of her new fiance(David Gall) insists that she sign a prenuptial agreement, whilestepsibs David (Brian Austin Green) and Kelly (Jennie Garth) getcaught up in their divorcing parents’ custody battle.

Melrose Place (Fox, 9-10 p.m.) Kimberly (Marcia Cross) catchesSydney (Laura Leighton) and her soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law Michael(Thomas Calabro) in bed; Kimberly tells Sidney’s sister,Jane (Josie Bissett), who already has a new boyfriend (StevenEckholdt).

The American Experience: The Hunt For Pancho Villa (PBS, checklocal listings) Academy Award-winner Linda Hunt (The Year of LivingDangerously) is the aptly named narrator of this account of General”Black Jack” Pershing’s failed 1916 raid across the Mexican border tocapture revolutionary leader Pancho Villa.

4ThursdayThe Simpsons (Fox, 8-8:30 p.m.) Marge cuts loose on a ladies’night out with her hard-drinking, pistol-packing divorcee neighbor,Ruth Powers (guest voice: Family Album’s Pamela Reed). The two leadthe police on a high-speed car chase across the desert.

Movie: The Disappearance Of Christina (USA, 9-11 p.m.) FullHouse’s John Stamos stars as a high-powered real estate developer whofinds himself with an empty house-and murder charges againsthim-after his wife (Claire Yarlett) vanishes during their yachtingtrip with his business partner (Revenge of the Nerds’ RobertCarradine) and his partner’s wife (Kim Delaney).

5FridayAgainst The Grain (NBC, 8-9 p.m.) Family Matters (ABC, 8-8:30p.m.) Dueling sports figures: Retired Dallas Cowboys running backTony Dorsett guests on Grain as ”The Flash,” an ex-college footballstar; on Matters, NBA stud Larry Johnson makes his prime-time debutplaying his gray-haired Grandmama character from his Converse shoeads.

NBC Friday Night Mystery: Hart to Hart Returns (NBC, 9-11 p.m.)Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers reprise their roles as thehusband-and-wife crime-solving team Jonathan and Jennifer Hart inthis semiregular revival of the 1979-1984 ABC series. Also returning:Lionel Stander as their trusty chauffeur, Max.

Picket Fences (CBS, 10-11 p.m.) Incompetence reigns in Rome, Wis.:Deputy Max (Dragon’s Lauren Holly) fails to detain an intoxicateddriver, and the woman subsequently maims another motorist. ThenWambaugh (Emmy nominee Fyvush Finkel), the woman’s attorney, makesmatters worse by instructing her to have yet another drink, marringthe results of a Breathalyzer test.

6SaturdayKids In The Crossfire: Violence In America (ABC, 11:30 a.m.-1p.m.) Hollywood Gets MADD (TBS, 5:35-6:05 p.m.) Two well-intentionedspecials: Peter Jennings moderates a live discussion of youth mayhemwith U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and kids from around thecountry; Siskel and Ebert look at how drunk driving has beenportrayed in movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life and NationalLampoon’s Animal House.

Where I Live (ABC, 8:30-9 p.m.) The likable Harlem-set sitcomstarring Cool Runnings’ Doug E. Doug returns for a second season(it almost got canned until Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, and CorettaScott King spoke up for it). In the season premiere, Doug and hisgruff father (Sullivan Walker) accidentally sign up for the samecollege course.

HBO Comedy Hour: Jamie Foxx-Straight From The Foxxhole (HBO,9:30-10:30 p.m.) In Living Color’s Foxx (best known for his grotesqueWanda, the Ugly Girl character) impersonates James Brown, Prince, andMichael Jackson in a stand-up special taped in San Diego.

7SundayMovie: Dances With Wolves (ABC, 8-11 p.m.; concludes Nov. 10, 9-11p.m.) Kevin Costner’s Oscar-winning Western comes to network TV as atwo-night ”special event,” incorporating nearly an hour of previouslyunseen footage. Like it wasn’t long enough already?

Movie: A Matter Of Justice (NBC, 9-11 p.m.; concludes Nov. 8, 9-11p.m.) Patty Duke and Martin Sheen star in this two-parter as parentsof a murdered Marine (Dazed and Confused’s Jason London), trying tofind their son’s killer. Hey, at least it’s an hour shorter thanDances With Wolves.

8MondayStar Trek: The Next Generation (syndicated, check local listings)Held together in an alien prison, Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart)and Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) admit their attraction to each otherin an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes (a.k.a. Commander Riker).

9TuesdayAnjelica Huston’s Favorite Films (Cinemax, 7:30-8 p.m.) The AddamsFamily star comments on scenes from The African Queen, The MalteseFalcon, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (all directed by herdad, John Huston), plus clips from Gone With the Wind, GoodFellas,and The Grifters.

Roseanne (ABC, 9-9:30 p.m.) Talk-show hostess Vicki Lawrenceguest-stars as an old girlfriend who stirs up trouble when she goesout to lunch with Dan (John Goodman). Acapulco H.E.A.T.’s Fabioappears as the object of Rosey’s desire in a fantasy sequence.