By EW Staff
Updated October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Best known for playing the long- suffering mom of pouty Erica(Susan Lucci) and grandmother of Kendall (Sarah Gellar) on ABC’s AllMy Children, Frances Heflin is prouder of her real family ties. Herlate brother, Van, starred in Shane and Airport; daughters NoraHeflin and Mady Kaplan have appeared in such movies and shows asUnlawful Entry and Law & Order. And son Jonathan Kaplan directed LoveField and The Accused. You’d think Mom, who goes by ”Fra,” would askhim for a juicy film role, but she believes she jinxed some of hisearly efforts. ”He’s done two movies that didn’t do well, and I wasin them,” says Fra. ”One was for Roger Corman (The Student Teachers)and it had all this topless nudity not by me, of course! The otherwas a flop called Mr. Billion. He’s doing quite well without myhelp.”