The crude cartoons reflect on their glory days

By Ty Burr
Updated October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT
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They were the reigning cat and dog way back in the ’90s. But what did the next 30 years bring for Ren & Stimpy? We asked them through their human mouthpieces, Billy West and Bob Camp.

Kids Extra: It’s been a long time since you two emerged as the kings of crude. What have you been doing since?

Ren: A lot of dinner theater mostly. Some denture ads. Lotsa insurance commercials—had to take up the slack since Ed McMahon died.

Stimpy: I’m not as active as I used to be since the extremities fairy came and took my feet back in ’99.

KE: Dish the dirt on your personal lives since the ’90s.

Ren: I just divorced my eighth wife. Of course, Stimpy never got married.

Stimpy: I’m a confirmed bachelor.

Ren: Yeah, all my pups are grown, got litters of their own. Here’s snaps of my grand-Chihuahuas.

KE: What do you think of the kids’ shows that are popular today?

Ren: Oh, that would be the new Beavis and Butt-Head show. Ah, I can take it or leave it. Nothing like the original show those guys were pros.

Stimpy: Yeah, Butt-Head must be spinnin’ in his grave.

KE: How about the new entertainment technologies?

Ren: Well, none of us ever dreamed that someday kids could glean an entire season of programming instantly by vapor transmissions you inhale. Unfortunately, our residuals expired the day TV became obsolete. So even though kids are smelling our stuff, we don’t get a dime.

KE: When you think back on those days 30 years ago, does anything make you misty-eyed?

Ren: I long for the days of censorship—nowadays whole programs are devoted to cute talking guns who spew obscenities and shoot themselves.

Stimpy: Yeah, I guess simple boogers aren’t funny anymore.

Ren: Well, we gotta go now, we got a golf date with Bob Hope.

Stimpy: Over 120 years old—we’ll murder him.

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