By Jessica Shaw
Updated October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Have you noticed anything different on Melrose Place? The yuppiecul-de-sac has turned into a psycho apartment complex from hell.”People wanted to see the good, the bad, and the ugly,” saysexecutive producer Darren Star, who admits the show has hit pay dirtchronicling the evil within. But who’s the baddest resident of themall? You decide.AmandaHeather LocklearDevious lies Psychotic episodes, Dangerous liaisonsBad behavior: Amanda, says Star, ”never does anything as puremeanness.” That is, if you don’t count seduction, lying, conniving,and driving hapless Alison to drink.

JakeGrant ShowHissy Fits Dangerous liaisonsBad behavior: The hothead biker destroyed ex-girlfriend Jo’sapartment in a fridge-flinging fit. Now he’s spitefully tight withJo’s rival, Amanda, who seems to be working her way through all theMelrose men. ”He’s a volatile character,” explains Star. Oh, really?

SydneyLaura LeightonDevious Lies Psychotic episodes, Dangerous liaisonsBad behavior: ”This is our only truly evil character,” Star saysof Jane’s Lolita-esque sister and the newest member of the compound.So far she’s lied to Jane and cavorted with the enemy (Michael), butSydney’s wild ride has just begun. Stay tuned for scenes a la FatalAttraction and a dangerous dive into prostitution. Ooooh.

KeithWilliam R. MosesDevious lies Stalking Cheating Psychotic episodes DangerousliaisonsBad behavior: He came on as the boy next door, but he was actuallycheating on his wife. He moved on to stalking, attempted rape, andfinally suicide. The | good news: He really is dead. Says Star, ”He’snot going to become the Jason of Melrose Place.”

MichaelThomas CalabroDevious lies Cheating Hissy fits Psychotic episodes DangerousliaisonsBad behavior: The once devoted doctor, husband, and buildingmanager has cheated on his wife, beat up his childhood friend, sleptwith his sister-in- law, and perjured himself-and that’s just forstarters. Just wait until Jane finds out about Sydney. Says Star,”He’s not going to get any nicer.”

JaneJosie BissettHissy fits Dangerous LiaisonsBad behavior: Michael’s plate-and-tantrum-throwing ex-wife hastaken him for all he’s worth, and taken up with her cutthroat divorcelawyer. But comparatively, says Star, ”she’s no villainess.”

KeyDevious Lies Psychotic Episodes Cheating Stalking DangerousLiaisons Hissy Fits