October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

AFTERSHOCKSThanks for your article on Howard Stern ( 192, Oct. 15). I listento him every morning. Yes, he is completely tasteless, but that’swhat makes him so funny!He’s out to poke holes in hypocrisy and shock people out of theircomplacency. If we could all be so honest with ourselves, maybe wewouldn’t have people raping and killing each other.John LeeWestbury, N.Y.

It was bad enough when you put a naked Madonna on your cover, butnow you’ve hit rock bottom. Howard Stern is gross, vile, rude, and ahypocrite: He claims that homosexuality is a way of ”delayingadulthood” when he obviously never made it out of adolescence. I loveEW, but couldn’t you be a little more tasteful in your interviewchoices?Lemira ChittendenWaterbury, Conn.

It was really great reading an article on the man I believe isAmerica’s No. 1 radio personality, Howard Stern. Finally you put aperson on the cover who truly defines the word entertainment.Michael MarchelosWilliston Park, N.Y.

Your article on Howard Stern was one to pass over. With all thenegativity worldwide, thank God we still have the freedom to turn theradio dial and, if necessary, turn the pages of a magazine.Hopefully, we’ll always have the choice to listen or not listen topeople’s views.Joelle WhiteLongview, Tex.


To answer Benjamin Svetkey’s question about Gettysburg (”Ted’sBadge of Courage”), I thoroughly enjoyed this four-hour-plus movieand so did everyone else in the theater. I only hope the public won’tbe put off because the critics make it sound like an unbearableendurance test.Karen FrieseMilwaukee


Thanks for Greg Sandow’s great story on Meat Loaf (”What, MeatLoaf Again?”). He and Jim Steinman are a good team, and the album isa lot better than any other on the charts. I hope he does a millionmore even half as good.Brian HightowerLas Vegas

Editor’s Note: And our apologies to Peter Morello, whom we didn’tcredit for his photo of Meat Loaf on pages 36-37.


Hollywood just doesn’t get the message (”Born Again,” News &Notes). We want to see Whitney Houston with the same leading men whostar with Julia Roberts and Demi Moore. Why is it so difficult tounderstand that unless it is a role about race, there is no law thatsays because one star is black, the starring partner should be too?Dorothy FreemanMiami Beach, Fla.


About your comments on Bridges of Madison County (from the reviewof Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend): It must be sad to live with your heartand feelings in the refrigerator-my condolences.Mary GaterCambria, Calif.

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