October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ol’ Blue Eyes is definitely back. In addition to the Capitol albumDuets, Columbia has just released Frank Sinatra-The Columbia Years:The Complete Recordings 1943-1952, a staggering 12-CD boxed set ofmusic from Sinatra’s first musical heyday. And for those who liketheir Blue Eyes a little blacker comes a tribute album from the LongIsland indie label Grass Records. On it, 41 underground rockers,including Kramer and Flaming Lips, do their versions of songs like”My Way” and ”It Was a Very Good Year.”Originally titled Chairman of the Bored: Interpretations of SongsMade Famous by Frank Sinatra, the album has been delayed from aSeptember to a November release because Grass’ lawyers anticipatedreprisals from the Sinatra camp. ”We came up with B-O-R-E-D becausewe felt he was the chairman of our generation, which (people) alwayssay is bored,” says Grass’ manager Camille Sciara. ”It’s a play onwords.” A play that went bust, out of fear of Sinatra’s vindictivereputation but no actual threat from him. The two-CD set will nowcarry the decidedly B-O-R-I-N-G title Chairman of the Board.

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