October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

MAKING UP BABY: The Addams Family may be mysterious and kooky, but what they did to Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper is altogether ooky. In Addams Family Values, out Nov. 19, the Riverside, Calif., twins portray the brood’s newest member, baby Pubert, a gender-bending role that required the then-5-month-old infants to wear white makeup, black hair gel, black eyebrows, and a mustache. ”We had it down to science,” says the twins’ mom, Karen. ”They’d start doing their hair. Then it was time for their nap. The makeup person would start putting the white on their faces (and when) they were asleep he could paint on eyebrows and glue on the mustache.” Strange looks aside, the kids kept the cast gooing and gaaing throughout the shoot. But no one gaaed more than Raul Julia, who, between takes, sang them opera tunes. Says Hooper, ”He has a wonderful voice.”

ROOM DISSERVICE: Michael J. Fox won’t be getting mints on his pillow any time soon. Hotel concierges are upset with For Love or Money. ”In this movie we’re mercenaries,” says Thomas Lee, concierge at L.A.’s Westin Century Plaza Hotel & Tower, referring to scenes in which Fox’s character bribes employees, blackmails the hotel’s manager, and rejects a tip as too cheap. ”No concierge would say that,” Lee says of the latter act. Also ridiculed is the character’s plan to save money and buy his own hotel. ”I’d love my own hotel,” says Thomas Warrick of the Regent Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, ”but I’m going to need some other job to do it.” The studio’s reaction: ”This is not a documentary,” says a Universal spokesman. ”Any exaggeration is for comedic effect.”—David Tobenkin

CHEATIN’ HEARTBURN: What does Lyle Lovett do while wife Julia Roberts is at the gym? He’s into a little beefing up all his own at Hugo’s, the West Hollywood restaurant oft-frequented by the newlyweds. When dining out together, the couple sticks to Roberts’ vegetarian regime. ”She’s a big salad eater, and Lyle is definitely on his best vegetarian behavior, ordering pasta with a meatless sauce,” says a Hugo’s employee. But when Roberts is working out, her beloved has been known to sneak to the restaurant and order his favorite dish, pasta ”Papa,” made with sausages and bacon. But his cheating doesn’t mean the honeymoon’s over. ”They always bring along a candle and are constantly kissing throughout the meal,” says the employee. ”It’s like something out of a movie.”

A FACE IN THE CROWD: Bill and Ted’s excellent collaboration continues. Keanu Reeves makes an uncredited cameo in Alex Winter‘s horror spoof, Freaked. ”He wasn’t supposed to do this,” says Winter, who costarred in both Bill & Ted films with Reeves. ”He did it as a favor to me. He might get in trouble if people find out. I stuck him in among the freaks and hoped no one would notice.” Although Reeves is disguised as a mutant and speaks only in snarls and growls, audiences at one recent screening were able to pick him out. ”They said they could tell it was him by the way he walked,” says Winter.

ETC.: Move over, Calvin Klein. Roseanne Arnold is about to take on the fashion world. The actress, who has made her share of worst-dressed lists, is developing a clothing line for plus-size gals… On a recent Saturday, Bridget Fonda walked into the Video Blitz in New York City and asked for “everything starring Carole Lombard.” She plans to imitate Lombard’s timing in TriStar’s Cop Gives Waitress $2 Million Tip… Good thing young males aren’t the target audience for Warner Bros.’ The Nutcracker. The movie’s trailer has all the young dudes from Pasadena to Tulare, Calif., snickering at the sight of Macaulay Culkin in tights.—Bobby Rivers

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