October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

CANADIAN ROCKY: While on tour in Toronto, Madonna has beenexercising not only her body but her will. When the singer’s GirlieShow hit Canada, the blond one provoked locals by stopping rush-hourtraffic during her daily jog. (”Why can’t she use the sidewalks likeeveryone else?” said one incensed driver.) ! Worse still, she nearlycame to blows with a local while working out at the Four SeasonsHotel’s gym. A Toronto stockbroker was exercising while watchingbusiness reports on the spa’s TV set when the singer arrived, shutoff the set, and turned on her portable stereo. An obscene exchangeensued. Asked if he knew that he was arguing with Madonna, thestockbroker said, ”Yes, I did. But I couldn’t care less. She has theworst mouth.” -Angela BaldassarreOR-DAYNED: Now we know what Warren Beatty does at night. Afterseeing pop singer Taylor Dayne on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Beattyasked his assistant to set up a screen test with her for his upcomingLove Affair-a remake of An Affair to Remember. The audition tape musthave sold him, because Beatty phoned and offered her a part. ”He seeswhat he wants and goes after it-I like that in a man,” says Dayne,who will join a cast that includes Annette Bening, director PaulMazursky, and Garry Shandling. Guess Beatty watches HBO too. -BethLandman

SMOKIN’ IN THE BOYS’ ROOM: The time: intermission at the LosAngeles premiere of Gettysburg. The place: the men’s room at theDirectors Guild theater. The scenario: Attendees were grumbling aboutthe length (4 hours and 10 minutes) of Ted Turner’s Civil War epicwhen in walked Turner himself. Hearing the whining, the maverickcable mogul faced the attack head-on. He turned to the four menstanding at the urinals, took aim with his thumb and forefinger andfired, his ”Bang, bang, bang, bang” echoing off the walls. ”Get readyfor round two, gentleman,” he commanded before slipping into a stall.-Michael Szymanski

MO. THEATER BLUES: First Mickey Gilley’s Branson, Mo., theaterwent up in smoke when one of the neon L’s in his name caught fire.Then a steel column in Bobby Vinton’s Blue Velvet Theatre collapsed,delaying the venue’s opening. Now a Missouri state agency isinvestigating whether Branson construction companies ignored buildingcodes when erecting America’s newest music city. Locals deny thecharge. Says Gilley: ”I think this is all a bunch of hoopla.”-Rebecca Ascher-Walsh

IMPERFECT PITCH: The Seinfeld cast’s pitch-out is now complete.Michael Richards, who recently discussed in Entertainment Weekly (189, Sept. 24) his reservations about endorsements (”I’m afraid to beassociated as the guy who sells a product”), has just signed a dealto plug Pepsi in a spot likely to air during next January’s SuperBowl. ”He’s agreed to do a commercial, but it’s not shot yet,” sayshis spokeswoman. Richards joins fellow sellers Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy), Jason Alexander (Rold Gold Pretzels), andJerry Seinfeld (American Express). In other advertising news, thefizz has reportedly gone out of Ray Charles’ diet Pepsi campaign. Thecompany’s replacing him withBilly Idol? Uh-duh. -Casey Davidson

HIGH ON THE HOG: What distinguishes West Hollywood’s ThunderRoadhouse from the already crowded list of celebrity eateries?Backers Dwight Yoakam, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper freely admitthat they don’t eat the joint’s top meal-meat loaf and mashedpotatoes-preferring such entrees as the Dwight Lightning CaesarSalad. ”Peter doesn’t eat meat, I don’t eat cheese, and Dwightdoesn’t do sugar or honey,” says Hopper, who persuaded his bikerbuddies to go in on the restaurant-part of a garage complex where theHarley- mad trio get their hogs serviced. ”One of the reasons we’reinvolved in this restaurant is because there are no rules,” saysFonda. ”You can park your bike in front of the restaurant, as opposedto Planet Hollywood, where you can’t park your bike anywhere.”-Malissa Thompson

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