October 29, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

It was the worst day of my life.” That’s how Bianca Jagger oncesummed up her 1971 wedding, a raucous affair at which she and MickJagger, dressed in white pantsuits, were besieged by a sweaty mobunder the Saint-Tropez sun. So it seemed fitting that on Nov. 5,1980, when she emerged from a London courtroom with a final decree ofdivorce, the Nicaraguan-born socialite was all smiles. Bianca hadjust been awarded a settlement of $2.4 million and custody of thecouple’s daughter, Jade, 9. The grounds for the split:adultery-uncontested.And maybe unparalleled. During two years of nasty transatlanticdivorce battles, both Jaggers had confessed to action on the side.Mick had practically made a second career of it, flaunting his flingswith the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon so shamelesslythat his enraged wife reportedly once ripped his shirts toshreds-with her teeth. Bianca admitted that she too had beenunfaithful-in a tryst with Ryan O’Neal while he was filming BarryLyndon in 1973. The world wasn’t exactly shocked when, in a pretrialhearing, Mick declared that his marriage to Bianca had been basicallyover by 1973, even though he continued having sexual relations withher until 1977.That was the same year Bianca’s jealousy finally exploded. Mickhad flipped over the towering Texan model Jerry Hall, and Biancadecided she’d had it with his obsessive cheating. ”In the end,” shesaid, ”it was a marriage of deception.”Following the divorce, Bianca tired of her jet-setter ways and herrole as high priestess of Studio 54. She eventually turned herattention to political and social causes, particularly in herhomeland, and is also currently organizing relief efforts for refugeechildren in war-ravaged Bosnia. Bianca, now 49, has been dating U.S.Rep. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.). As for altar-shy Mick, 50, heostensibly married Hall in a 1990 ceremony in Bali, though thelegality of the rite is questionable because they may not have filedthe proper documents. A pampering father to their three children(Elizabeth Scarlett, James, and Georgia May Ayeesha), he’s preparingto record a new Rolling Stones album.Despite their stormy past, Mick and Bianca recently shared a raremoment of mutual satisfaction: Last July, when Jade, now 22, gavebirth to a baby daughter, they became grandparents.

TIME CAPSULENov. 5, 1980Barbra Streisand’s ”Woman in Love” was the top song on theairwaves, and The Covenant by James Michener was the big read. Dallaswas the favorite viewing at home, while moviegoers flocked to PrivateBenjamin.

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