Readers respond to Conan O'Brien and box office stats

By EW Staff
Updated October 15, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT


I really enjoyed the article on Seinfeld‘s Michael Richards ( 189, Sept. 24). I started watching the show because of him. He had a bit part once on Night Court in which he played a guy who thought he was invisible. He stole the show, and I promised myself if I ever saw that guy on another show, I’d watch him.
Janeen Heller
Watertown, Wis.

Michael Richards doesn’t do TV commercials? Then who’s that in the Clorets ad?
Nora Le Blanc

Editor’s Note: That is Richards in the ad, and it ran only in Canada.

Your feature on Michael Richards was a well-timed epilogue to a week that saw the cast of Seinfeld open another promising season and receive well-deserved recognition at the Emmys. Mr. Richards has given television a seemingly simple character who, in actuality, is as intriguing as Shakespeare’s best.
Chris Demers
Nashua, N.H.

Who the hell is Michael Richards? And why is he always on your, and everyone else’s, cover?
Franki Ambrose
Los Banos, Calif.


I have just finished reading Doug Brod and Nisid Hajari’s advice to Conan O’Brien (”Barbarian at the Gate”). I agree with it all—and have something to add: the set. Is it just me, or does Conan look like death warmed over when seated at his desk? Putting a redhead with less than great skin in front of wood (or simulated wood) is less than kind, let alone flattering; then highlighting the aesthetic disaster by hitting him with police- interrogation- lamp intensity is simply bad engineering. I’m married to a redhead, and I do a bit of interior designing. I know that if the set designers would surround Conan with mahogany or cherry wood, some teal, or the old standby hunter green, and warmer-toned lighting, they’d be making a much bigger contribution than they realize.
Debbi Feiner
Mission Viejo, Calif.

What about Canada? (”Cheat Sheet”) College: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Student rep: Literary Glam quotient: Class of ’96 filmed here TV fix: Star Trek: The Next Generation Coolest local band: The Lowest of the Low Kitschy/kick-ass alum: Margaret Atwood Pop-culture course: ”The History of 20th Century American Pop Culture” Local radio’s heavy rotation: The Beautiful South What’s underground: Raves Junk food of choice: Taco Bell Weirdest body adornment: Eyebrow piercing
Conan Tobias


In the Box Office chart, you noted that In the Line of Fire was the fifth movie of 1993 to pass the $100 million mark. Correction: It was the sixth. Jurassic Park, The Firm, The Fugitive, Sleepless in Seattle, and Indecent Proposal have also topped the magic mark.
Dakota Johnson
Tucson, Ariz.