Hollywood stars' leading menus

By EW Staff
Updated October 08, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Forget about glamorous escorts, production deals, percentages of the gross. The real mark of a Hollywood star’s clout is whether he or she owns a thriving restaurant. And after all, once a star expands his or her franchise from love scenes to lamb chops, today’s adoring fans can become tomorrow’s meal tickets. In the eateries below, several luminaries give their devotees entree.

* TriBeCa Grill, 375 Greenwich St., New York City
Owner: Robert De Niro Star’s persona: Streetwise artiste Atmosphere: Brasserie in an ex-factory Star’s best-known role: Raging Bull‘s Jake La Motta Specialty of the house: Barbecued duck with Asian spices Star’s salary: $1.5 million Average entree price: $20 Wait for a reservation: 7 days.

* Mulholland Drive Cafe, 1059 Third Ave., New York City
Owner: Patrick Swayze Star’s persona: Blue-collar stud Atmosphere: California casual Star’s best-known role: Dirty Dancing‘s Johnny Specialty of the house: Seared Cajun chicken Star’s salary: $5 million-plus Average entree price: $16 Wait for a reservation: None.

* Roseanne and Tom’s Big Food Diner, 101 Elm, Eldon, Iowa
Owners: Roseanne and Tom Arnold Stars’ personas: Working-class folks Atmosphere: Down-home Stars’ best-known roles: Roseanne Conner and the late Jackie Thomas Specialty of the house: Loose meat sandwich (her secret recipe) Stars’ salaries: Hers: Since syndication, more than $60 million per year; his: whatever he can get Average entree price: $4.95 Wait for a reservation: As if.

* Schatzi on Main, 3110 Main st., Santa Monica, Calif.
Owners: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver Stars’ personas: His: All-American success story/fitness tyrant; hers: Kennedy scion Atmosphere: Romantic Stars’ best-known roles: His: The Terminator; hers: Kennedy scion Specialty of the house: Ahi tuna and asparagus Stars’ salaries: His: $15 million; hers: a state secret Average entree price: $14 Wait for a reservation: 1 day.

* Planet Hollywood, 140 West 57 st., New York City
Owners: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Schwarzenegger Stars’ personas: Willis: rowdy; Moore: feisty; Stallone: driven Atmosphere: Loud Stars’ best-known roles: Willis: Die Hard‘s John McClane; Moore: Vanity Fair cheesecake; Stallone: Rocky Specialty of the house: Beefcake-er, burgers Stars’ salaries: Willis: $10 million; Moore: asks $6 million; Stallone: $15 million, reportedly Average entree price: $10 Wait for a reservation: Not accepted—it’s you against the system.