By Alan Carter
Updated October 01, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

What is Kris Kristofferson’s soap connection? The nephew of his ex-wife Rita Coolidge is Paul Satterfield, who plays General Hospital’s handsome legal eagle, Paul. With music in his genes-Satterfield’s mom is singer Priscilla Coolidge; his stepdad is Booker T. Jones-the actor says he’s often asked, ”When is your record coming out?” He resisted because he felt many young musicians were in it ”to make money and get laid.” But prompted by uncle Kristofferson, who ”taught me you can be anything-a Rhodes scholar, a singer, and an actor,” Satterfield has changed his tune. In October he releases Suburban Blues, a country-R&B-blues mix, with various kin on backup (mail order: 800-222-PAUL). So far, he has been reluctant to sing on camera. ”It would be out of character. I don’t want to be another Jack Wagner or Rick Springfield (who both parlayed GH roles into pop stardom).”

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