By EW Staff
Updated October 01, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ask preschoolers to name their favorite singer, and they’ll surely answer with a single word: Waffi. So we asked the superstar-set to release his first record in three years (Raffi on Broadway)-to reveal a few of his favorite things. *Cereal: Organic corn flakes u Hobby: Bowling u TV character: Deputy Barney Fife *Childhood toy: Table hockey uShoes: Loafers u Backstage snack: Gourmet potato chips u Veg-out activity: Naps u Dinosaur: None (”I think they’re silly; I should name a politician.”) u Cartoon character: Bugs Bunny (for his ”sense of mischief”) *Reason for avoiding reporters’ nosy questions: The Fifth Amendment.