By EW Staff
Updated October 01, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Mickey Mouse Club goes techno, Ludwig goes for the littlest ones, and the Full House girls go over the top. AGES 1 TO 3 TOT ROCK Gary Rosen (Lightyear/BMG, $8.98 cassette, $13.98 CD) Rosen, half of the children’s-music duo Rosenshontz, offers a batch of zippy, light rock tunes-bouncy piffle like ”Ants in Your Pants” and ”Boo Boo Bunny.” Full of catchy melodies and mostly free of treacly sentiments, this is the sort of album a parent can endure even if it’s played over and over and over. B+ -Ken Tucker

HEY LUDWIG Ric Louchard (Music for Little People, $9.98 cassette, $12.98 CD) Beethoven’s spirited compositions sparkle as this pianist to the preschool set delivers a splendid sampler of classical numbers, as well as a few endearing Scott Joplin rags. A seamless, soothing backdrop for playing peekaboo or constructing block towers. A -Anne Reeks

AGES 3 TO 6 KID ROCK Various artists For boomers and their no-longer-babies, Mod Squad-era pop-rock classics: the Jackson 5’s ”ABC” and the Turtles’ ”You Baby,” among others. These 12 sprightly songs inspire singing, dancing, and in the case of Donovan’s ”I Love My Shirt,” wincing down memory lane. B+ -AR

I AM THE CUTE ONE Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Zoom Express, $9.98 cassette, $13.98 CD) No, they are the too-cute ones. The twins who play Michelle on TV’s popular Full House release their second collection of whimsical songs, and this time around, a foolish attempt has been made to make the Olsens sound cool, with hip-hop beats and an occasional rapped lyric. C+ -KT

AGES 6 TO 9 JUMP FOR JOY Joanie Bartels (Discovery, $9.98 cassette) Kiddies who used to snooze and splash to Joanie can now groove to her nifty new beat. Her music is still gentle and peppy but now it’s tuned into the ups and downs of the recess crowd, with reggae-lite ”Let’s Have Fun” and bubble-gummy ”New Kid on the Block.” A- -AR

BIG, BIG WORLD Bill Harley (A&M, $10 cassette, $15 CD) Few can sermonize as nimbly as Bill Harley. Master of the oddball story, Harley strays not from the path of righteous good humor and rhythm in this hodgepodge of songs about blenderized pizza, pirates who don’t say please, and of course, ecology. Trumpet, trombone, sax, accordion, and banjo provide additional merriment. A -AR

MMC Mickey Mouse Club (Walt Disney, $9.98 cassette, $12.98 CD) On cable television, the Disney Channel’s new version of The Mickey Mouse Club consists of streetwise youths who yelp and lurch around like a troupe of junior Paula Abduls. The Club’s debut album aspires to this teenybopper frenzy, but it’s just a series of watered-down hip-hop and techno-pop. D -KT