By Lois Alter Mark
Updated October 01, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s one of the most important fashion nights of the year. Laden with cameras and camcorders, a crowd gathers, bending, stooping, screaming to get a smile from their personal favorites. Walking with confidence, bags swinging, the carefully clad kids light up the night in blazing combinations of shape, fabric, and color. The evening’s theme is clear: Trick or treat! With the recent proliferation of films for children, the number of movie tie-in costumes is also on the rise. Last Halloween, Batman ruled the streets, but this year you can expect more variety. (You can also expect lots of pint- size versions of a certain purple dinosaur.) We scoured the showrooms to find out what you’ll see when you open your door on Oct. 31. Here we present Halloween ’93.

*JASMINE (from Aladdin) Exotic and chic, this royal garb will take your little princess through 1,001 Arabian nights-and one Halloween. The off-the-shoulder top and flowing harem pants are dabbed with lots of lovely detailing-layers of lavender veil, sweeping sleeves, a soft, sheer neckline-for a look that conveys a quiet confidence. A bare midriff is skillfully suggested by a solid- colored strip that smoothly hugs the body. A few strong, simple accessories in regal gold and sapphire round out an outfit that fulfills every little girl’s fantasy. (Costumes for Aladdin, Jafar, and the Genie are also available.) *JERRY (from Tom and Jerry: The Movie) Deceptively simple-you only think you could whip this one up yourself-the two-toned jumpsuit is a triumph for the much-maligned ”mousy brown.” The light-as-a-feather felt fabric assures oh-so- comfortable tricking and treating-no sweat. The headpiece, with Jerry’s muzzle providing a surprising splash of red, is an interesting twist on traditional masks-you don’t have to cover up your little one’s gorgeous face. The piece de resistance: a contrasting trick-or-treat bag so compact, there’s no need to worry about too many sweets ruining that beautiful smile. (For cat fanciers, there’s also a Tom costume.) *PINK PANTHER (pictured on the cover, from Son of the Pink Panther) Pretty in pink doesn’t have to mean pale or demure, as this shimmery catsuit can attest. In signature bubble-gum hues, it’s literally the cat’s pajamas. The attention to unisex detail is obvious: Although the nipped-in waist is a girlish touch, the large skateboarding panther decorating the bodice adds an element of ( incongruity, creating a boyish, T-shirt look. *SNOW WHITE (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) A costume so true to the character who inspired it, it could actually have little girls whistling while they work. Bold, but undeniably feminine, this gown is a standout in bright shades of yellow and blue, with a fiery red cape and crisp white collar. The short, puffed sleeves are decorated with a pretty teardrop pattern. For the finishing touch, tie on Snow’s trademark red hair bow. (The evil queen, Dopey, and Happy can also be found in stores.) *TRICERATOPS Inspired by those dazzling creations in Jurassic Park, this reptilian replica struts its stuff with bold graphics and a tail that can be docile or formidable, depending on your child’s mood. The look screams strength but, in striking contrast, the fabric itself is light and comfy as a paper hospital gown. A back zipper-a luxury in costumes-makes dressing a breeze. The realistic mask may cause other kids to gasp, but it will keep yours warm and toasty on a chilly October night. (A baby raptor costume is also available.) *UNCLE FESTER (from the upcoming Addams Family Values) Let them eat all the Goobers they want-there’s room to spare in this loose interpretation of the minimalist costume aesthetic. It’s back to basics with a monochromatic slate gray palette that shuns any embellishment, including finished edges. Uncomplicated and uncontrived, it comes with a coordinating bald-domed mask. So subtle, your kids will dare anyone to guess who they’re supposed to be. (Your youngster can also dress up as Morticia, Gomez, or Lurch.) *WILMA (from next year’s The Flintstones) She’ll look more like an angel than a cavewoman in this frock, but a bit of wear and tear will give it that old prehistoric look. A toned-down-as in covered-up-version of Mrs. Flintstone’s classic one-shoulder number, this little white sheath boasts the same scalloped hem Wilma made famous. Its fabric is sheer and airy, and the dress front is emblazoned with the prestigious Flintstones logo.