By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
Updated September 24, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

THE TEDDY BEAR ENCYCLOPEDIA Pauline Cockrill (Dorling Kindersley, $34.95) Teddy bears: Just the words can evoke the coziest memories of childhood, which is why many of us still secretly cling to our beat-up, cuddly pals. The text of this historical compendium proves that the beloved bears are best not picked apart. On one page, a Steiff bear, circa 1903-4, has a line drawn to his furry visage with the explanation ”Sealing-wax nose with defined nostrils.” Not exactly the kind of insider details we crave. Thankfully, the book’s real appeal lies in lots and lots of pictures, each more adorable than the last. B- -Rebecca Ascher-Walsh