By Ty Burr
September 24, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Married To It Beau Bridges, Cybill Shepherd The Opposite Sex Courteney Cox, Kevin Pollak (1993, HBO Video, R, $92.99) (1993, Orion, R, $95.95) Where the best films about love, sex, and marriage ground their points in specifics, these two palm off stereotypes as profound truths. Married To It gives us three disparate Manhattan couples and posits that they would become the best of friends when, in real life, they’d almost certainly detest one another. While the script gives the cast space to spread their wings (Beau Bridges and Stockard Channing are wryly human) or hang themselves (Cybill Shepherd and Ron Silver are just plain awful), the climax consists of one teary bonding scene after another, only a handful of which feel earned. The Opposite Sex is a clone of About Last Night in which Guy (Arye Gross) and Gal (Courteney Cox) romance each other despite interference from boorish pals (Kevin Pollak and Julie Brown). The movie’s hyperactive goofiness is good for some cheap laughs, but the view of modern relationships is shallower than a beer commercial. Married To It: C- The Opposite Sex: D+