By EW Staff
Updated September 24, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

FALL WINNERS Having Michelle Pfeiffer showcased on the cover of your Fall Movie Preview ( 185/186, Aug. 27/Sept. 3) was very exciting for me. Her role in The Age of Innocence may be the one that finally wins her an Oscar, and my fingers are crossed. The 11 2- page color photo from the movie was a great opening to the section because I predict this film will be the Oscar sweeper of ’93-Michelle and Martin Scorsese are both long overdue. Tony Severino Haddonfield, N.J.

Scanning the Fall Preview in a semidetached state of attention, I clicked on Shadowlands and jerked awake at the name C.S. Lewis. Your comment, ”C.S. who?” was sort of like ”J.R.R. (Tolkien) who?” or, after The Age of Innocence, ”Edith (Wharton) who?” Please give your readers credit for reading things other than ”McPaper” and ”McMagazine.” Laurie Powell Atlanta

Your Fall Movie Preview issue was fantastic! I really appreciated your expansive, in-depth coverage of the movies I have to look forward to in the coming months. I start college soon, and this issue of EW is definitely going with me so I can keep up on all the latest films. Satya Onorato Modesto, Calif.


Re: ”The Bubble Girl” (Music). Let me get this straight. Mariah Carey: can sing; is talented and successful; writes catchy love songs; is happily married to that powerful, older guy; doesn’t tour; doesn’t do deep, revealing interviews; is happy. What a bitch! Who does she think she is to be so happy? Feed her to the wolves-or better yet, to David Browne! Catherine Adams Washington, D.C.

David Browne needs to realize that Mariah Carey is the best vocal talent to come over the airwaves in the 1990s. Carey’s platinum album sales and nine straight top five singles can attest to her broad appeal to listeners and to the fact that she has a long career ahead of her. So the gal shows off her multi-octave vocal range on her albums-who wouldn’t, with a voice like that? Daryl Snavely Lititz, Pa.


Garth Brooks still looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy (Hot Sheet)? Well, only if the Pillsbury Doughboy recently lost around 40 pounds like Garth has. Garth is on the road again, still singing great and still pleasing fans everywhere. That is what should matter; the size of the man should not! Tracey Welsh Laurel, Miss.


Hey, Ty Burr! Here I am. Get this, a woman who actually felt Groundhog Day on a level deeper than mere entertainment. Imagine a woman who realized the resonating philosophical relevance of this ”better-than-average Bill Murray comedy.” Ty, you’re hanging out with the wrong women. Allison Sharer Columbus, Ohio