By EW Staff
Updated September 17, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

WE SO SELDOM LOOK ON LOVE Barbara Gowdy (HarperCollins, $20) Some people you wouldn’t introduce to your mother, but Gowdy might change your mind. Her characters have two heads, or can fly, or are necrophiliacs-but we like them all. Really. This is no horror show, but a gentle, detailed (sometimes even overly mundane) survey of unusal lives. What fashions flatter a girl with extra legs? How does a woman who loves corpses explain herself to a potential boyfriend? We all have trouble finding clothes that fit, or explanations for our lives, so despite Gowdy’s occasional rambling, we sympathize with her people because she strips them of their strangeness. That’s disturbing: If they are no longer strange, they must be like us. Gowdy’s short stories make it harder to look in the mirror. B+ -Kate Wilson